Faith-Based Housing

A Concept That Works

St. Johns Catholic Newman Center @ University of Illinois

St. Johns is the largest Catholic Campus Ministry of its kind in the U.S.  Their Newman Hall, the model we are scaling, is a coed residence hall (separate floors) that provides all of the necessary space for authentic Catholic formation on a secular campus. St. John’s Catholic Chapel is physically attached to Newman Hall and serves over 5,000 students during its weekend masses.

Proving that faith based living environments can deepen your faith and your relationship with God, over the past 10 years, over 84 men and women have gone on from St. Johns to study at a seminary or convent.

It is our mission at the Newman Student Housing Fund to build these types of facilities where students can live their faith on secular college campuses all across the U.S.

Why Faith-Based Housing?

Newman Honor Code

We ask that each of our students make a pledge to treat others the way they wanted to be treated themselves.  Follow the Golden Rule.

Secured Access

All of our buildings and rooms are accessible via key fob access.  We believe community is partly built through safety and security.

Drug Free Facilities

All of our facilities are drug free.  We do not allow smoking , illegal drugs or illegal consumption of alcohol on our properties.

Quiet Hours & Visitors

We typically follow the on-campus rules in regards to quiet hours and visitors.  We believe in a good nights rest.

We Give Back

Where much is given, much is asked.  We deliver programs where our staff and residents are able to volunteer in the local community.

Ministry Available

Ministry is provided by the Catholic campus ministry team under the direction of the bishop.  Ministry opportunities are available to all students and are completely optional.

Faith Based Housing; It Just Works!

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We’re very excited about the project.  It fits both the mission and vision of the university. This campus has great potential to become a residential living and learning environment for our students to grow academically, socially, psychologically and spiritually.
Bishop Wm. Michael MulveyDiocese of Corpus Christi, TX
“It’s a connection made in heaven. We were going to build the Newman Center, but to add the housing – made possible through the Newman Student Housing Fund – it became the seamless garment approach for these young people. It’s giving them the opportunity to develop the whole person – not only intellectual, but spiritual development as well. They’re in an environment to support their faith — that protects and nourishes their faith all along.”
Jenelle VinachiResident at Frassati Hall in Jacksonville, FL
I did live on campus freshman year. It was great, but housing here is different, because you really do know everyone here.  I've already made so many friends -- people I didn't even know.

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