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Deseret News: Faith Based Dormitories Create Community, Draw Fire

Deseret News: Jorge Solis lived in an on-campus dorm his freshman year. The walls vibrated with popular music and the shouts and screams of rambunctious freshmen.READ ORIGINAL ARTICLE HERE

Frasatti Newman Hall opened earlier this month, offering college students with a spiritual compass a place to stay.

The faith-based housing complex on Alumni Way in Jacksonville is hoping to change the lives of students, like University of North Florida senior Jenelle Vinachi, who works at the hall.

“I did live on campus freshman year. It was great, but housing here is different, because you really do know everyone here,” Vinachi said. “I’ve already made so many friends — people I didn’t even know.”

Vinachi also lives at Frassati Hall, a brand new student housing complex near the Town Center not far from UNF, Florida State College at Jacksonville and other Jacksonville campuses.

“We obviously don’t discriminate here,” Vinachi said. “Some people here, yes, are religious. Some people are not. It’s not a requirement. It’s just the fact that you kind of have to respect the fact that this is faith-based housing.”

Jenelle and complex manager Carter Johnson encourage all college students – whether Christian, Jewish, Muslim or non religious at all — in the Jacksonville area to come take a look at the housing complex.

“We just want to create the serious academic atmosphere for everybody in hopes that we can create a community that is great,” Johnson said.

With a courtyard, game rooms, WiFi and computer access — not to mention luxurious one-, two- and four-bedroom apartments — as long as you’re a college student looking to promote and achieve strong values and academics, there’s a spot for you at Frasatti Hall.

“We do have some spaces left to fill for the fall, so we do have availability,” Johnson said. “With our staff of five on site, they are available 24 hours a day to the students, and it’s a mixture of students from all different campuses in Jacksonville, whether it be UNF, FSCJ, Florida Coastal (School of Law), any of those.”

A priest, ministry team, Bible studies and retreats are just a few of the faith-based activities offered for interested students. But the activities are not required.

For more information on Frassati Hall, go to http://frassatihall.com


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