Faith Based Housing

Faith based housing is a relatively new concept to the student housing market. Combining traditional student housing facilities with Christian based principles gives the dorm an added dimension that most dorms can’t produce.

St. Johns Catholic Newman Center in Champaign, IL is the largest Catholic Campus Ministry of its kind in the U.S. Newman Hall, the model we are scaling, is a coed residence hall (separate floors) that provides all of the necessary space for authentic Catholic formation on a secular campus. St. John’s Catholic Chapel is physically attached to Newman Hall and serves over 5,000 students during its weekend masses.

Proving that faith based living environments can deepen your faith and your relationship with God, over the past 10 years, over 84 men and women have gone on from St. Johns to study at a seminary or convent.

It is our mission at the Newman Student Housing Fund to build these types of facilities where students can live their faith on secular college campuses all across the U.S. We build these communities attached to, or in close proximity to, Catholic Campus Ministries already existing on campus. We believe that student housing built with the purpose of engaging college students in the teachings of Catholic faith will enrich the world by increasing vocations and building future leaders of the Catholic Church.

Our Values and Objectives:

  • To create turn-key solutions for Catholic chaplains at secular Universities enabling them to bring physical development to their ministry.
  • To create sustainability in Catholic Campus Ministry and Collegiate faith based market
  • To protect the charism of religious community within the openness of the University system
  • To help generate vocations to the religious life


“We’re very excited about the project,” said Dr. Steven H. Tallant, Texas A&M University-Kingsville President. “It fits both the mission and vision of the university. This campus has great potential to become a residential living and learning environment for our students to grow academically, socially, psychologically and spiritually. Spirituality is a method of learning. As a secular university we’re very good at all but the spiritual. We have nine living-learning centers providing a variety of environments for students to grow in all dimensions and to acquire values that make them responsible citizens. The model we have here is unique and exciting.”