At Newman Student Housing we build facilities where students can live inspired on secular campuses.  We bring turnkey student housing to campus ministers allowing them the ability to focus on ministry operations and evangelization while we focus on building operations and management.  We can help manage the entire process for campus ministers or we can serve in a number of different ways.


At the start of every good project is a mission/vision/planning session.  What goals are we are trying to achieve?  Why are we doing this?  We believe this is the most important step as everyone needs to be on the same page early and a long term vision needs to be established.  This is one of our greatest strengths.


There is a lot that goes into a development of any size.  Finding and securing land; hiring architects, contractors and subs; getting permits and approvals; creating and hitting budgets; securing equity and financing; all of these are essential to a project’s success and all are items we can help with.


Once the team is mobilized and dirt starts to move, there is a lot to manage and oversee.  We work with all teams to ensure timelines are met and building standards are upheld.  We also will work with all parties involved in the financing of the building to ensure that budgets and goals stay on track.


Once the asset is complete, you need someone to watch over it.  We can handle that.  We will work to ensure that the management team has the property operating at optimum levels and capacity.  We will also handle investor relations and on-going finance management including potential refi’s.


At Newman Student Housing we manage facilities where students can live inspired on secular campuses.  We understand that management can often times be overwhelming, no matter what the business is.  We know what it takes to make inspired living work.  From rules and regs, to hiring the right people and putting together the right plan.  When it comes to student housing and inspired living, we are simply the best.


At Newman we hire only the best.  Screened against our core values we have a staff dedicated to inspiring students to become the best version of themselves.


In a partnership with Newman Connection, we work to reach out students even before the arrive on campus.  Using their Newman Lead Generator we reach out to high school seniors coming to campus to invite them to Stay Newman.


Using the latest technologies and a robust operating system, we ensure that the property is run based on industry standards and best practices.  We handle operations while the campus ministry team focuses on the mission.  This unified approach is unlike anything else that exists in this market and its why we are the best.


From investors to campus ministers to students and parents, we are here to make sure everyone has a great experience with Newman.  At a time when students are challenged, we hope to be a beacon and a light for them.  We work to provide support when needed to ensure that everyone leaves Newman a better person.

Buy or Build.  We can help.

Are you a chaplain looking to expand your presence on campus?  Is your University growing?  Is there a need for student housing?  Is there student housing near your ministry we can purchase?   If so, let us help you with your vision.

At Newman Student Housing Fund we have the experience necessary to help guide you through the entire process, from start to finish.  We know what students are looking for when it comes to accommodations.  We also know what it takes for successful ministry.  When combined, these two can produce very powerful results.

Building Communities.

Changing Lives.

All you have to do is turn on the news to see what life on college campuses has become.  It is not easy for students of faith.  Many times they are either under attack or not even welcome on campus.  We have to do something about this.  This is a time where many decisions will be made that will affect the rest of their lives.  Faith should play a role in this.

At Newman Student Housing Fund we are working on building communities that can change lives.  We focus on building communities where students are inspired to live their best life.  We want them to feel supported, cared for and welcomed.  We are creating a home away from home.

Bring This To Your Campus